A message from Gregory Engel, founding board member for Cherubim Foundation and husband to Janet Laurel, Cherubim Foundation founder...

To those who are seeking help and all who have supported Janet and Cherubim Foundation,

In August 2005, I was finally able to find some time to myself since Janet's passing the previous April and think about the future. After much thought, I decided it was time to rejoin the board of directors for Cherubim Foundation and help the organization through the difficult transition of loosing its founder and finding a way to sustainable success. Having been distracted from what the current board of directors had been doing since Janet's death, I began due diligence to discover what had been accomplished and what was planned for the future.

Regrettably, what I found resulted in the decision to withdraw my support for Cherubim Foundation. I have no plans for reinstating support for the organization unless numerous issues are addressed and corrected by the current board of directors. The organization has changed substantially from the one I supported for over six years and appears to be undergoing a significant reorganization, including the abandonment of this domain name.

The details related to my decision are still evolving and will be posted on my personal weblog.

I wish you good health,


If you have been following the links below, you know that the Board of Directors for Cherubim Foundation chose to close the organization's doors in February, 2006, rather than hold themselves accountable to the community.

As time allows, I plan on adding to this site in the coming months many of the resources which were the result of Cherubim Foundation's efforts. This will include printed material as well as selected interviews and presentations which Janet gave. Much of what she learned and sought to pass along through Cherubim Foundation is still very much valid. There's no reason it shouldn't survive Cherubim Foundation.

[Last updated: 2011.09.28]

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